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Introducing the world's best B2B eCommerce platform for distributors.

An Evolution in Distributor eCommerce

Spinstak has teamed up with EvolutionX to offer a revolutionary eCommerce platform for your business. In 2010, we designed an easy-to-use eCommerce platform for distributors that took the hassle out of managing product content and catalog development.

Nucleus 2.0 eventually was upgraded to Spinstak eCommerce in 2017 by addressing needs for better SEO, speed, and user interface. Today, Spinstak eCommerce is EvolutionX following our merger with ES Tech Group. We believe we have the world's best B2B eCommerce platform for distributors, but we would rather you be the judge of that!


A Turnkey B2B Enterprise eCommerce Solution for Distributors

Theme Selection and Customization

  • Choose from one of our pre-built themes and be up and running in record time.
  • Personalize all aspects of the theme including banner content, menus, colours and fonts.
  • Mobile responsive by default.
  • Preview before publishing.
  • Take your theme to the next level with custom design services!

Rapid Advanced Search

  • Fast and accurate out of the box.
  • Support for faceted and semantic search.
  • Type ahead on by default.
  • Fully customizable with support for brand and product priority globally or at the category level.
  • Support for keyword management on-screen or via import to further fine-tune results.

Merchandising and Marketing

  • Personalize content and offers down using our built in segmentation tools.
  • Full-featured customer rewards program for repeat business!
  • Coupon codes and promotional discounts across products.
  • SEO friendly with customization capabilities built in.
  • Export content to online marketplaces like Google Shopping.

Product Content and Catalogs

  • Integrated with multiple product content repositories across industries, including Spinstak Safety and Industrial Supply.
  • Seamless import tool allows you to load product content at scale.
  • Control product mix for any given customer through catalog containers.
  • Filter products on the fly for a customer or groups of customers using inclusion and exclusion rules.
  • Manage your own products on-screen or through excel imports.

Shopping Cart & Checkout

  • Support for cost center management at line level.
  • Persistent mini cart with full shopping cart functionality including dedicated cart search.
  • Calculate shipping rules based on customer, order value, weight, and location for fine grained control of recovery of shipping costs.
  • Integrates with many carrier partners for live shipping rate calculations.
  • Integrates with many leading payment gateways from around the world.

Customer Pricing Tools

  • Unparalleled pricing tools that match or surpass the most complex ERP systems.
  • Customer-specific pricing and customers group-specific pricing.
  • Discount / Markup / Margin / Fixed Price and Call for Price methods.
  • Pricing controls at the product, brand, category, band, customer and customer group level.
  • Full support for tiered pricing.
  • Live pricing lookups from ERP system available through integration.

B2B Distributor Functionality

  • Support for unlimited addresses, cost centers and users per customer.
  • Restrict users by role and catalog container to boil down the view to just the right products and promotions you want them to see.
  • Allow customers to submit quote requests.
  • Manage user and cost center budgets across time periods and control approval workflows when budgets are exceeded.
  • Quicklists allow users to build and manage lists on the fly. Name the list, control who has access, then add product, it's that easy. Users can optionally be restricted to only view quicklist or contract items on login.
  • Already know the item codes? Use our quick order form to simply add the products and convert to a shopping cart.
  • Work with multiple shopping carts with the ability to switch seamlessly between carts and save open carts for later.
  • Full punchout capability enabled through third party integrations.

Software Integrations

  • Leverage one of our many 3rd party integrations through our EvolutionX app store.
  • Integrate with your ERP, CRM, PIM and other critical business systems.
  • Fully featured rest API.
  • Out of the box ERP integrations available across select industries.
  • Open and extensible platform

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