Client Case Study

Whitehead Industrial - Valdosta, GA

Why did you hire Spinstak for your B2B Marketing needs?

Our decision to hire Spinstak for our marketing needs was two-fold. First off, we saw greater value in allocating marketing resources into a third party, as opposed to creating what would be a new position within our company. At the time, we did not feel we had the attention nor expertise to craft an in-house hire that would meet expectations. Secondly, a conversation with Matt (which led to an on-site visit to their Brooksville office) installed confidence in us that Spinstak genuinely understands this industry as they have the first-hand experience.


What challenges were you facing at the time?

Unfocused spending and poor planning.

How does Spinstak deliver?

Spinstak brought structure to our thought process. Routine objectives such as annual strategic planning and weekly check-ins help to create a roadmap that keeps us on track.

What is special about working with Spinstak?

Their Flexibility – It’s very uncommon for us to find service partners that are open and willing to adjust and tweak goals mid-stride. It has been a very fair and balanced business relationship.

What would you say is Spinstak’s value proposition?

Industry-specific marketing that amplifies your positive business practices.

What kind of results or improvements has Spinstak made to your organization?

We’ve realized a benefit in a handful of different areas. Anything from website optimization, event planning, co-op campaigns, local billboard campaigns, video production, social media improvements, miscellaneous graphics design projects are just a few. Circling back to Spinstak’s flexibility, the Spinstak staff has accommodated most any request we’ve made.

Who was your most influential person at Spinstak and why?

I don’t want to play favorites because everyone has been great. Matt has inspired me in a handful of management areas. Joe has done an excellent job as our Account Manager by handling the day-to-day and bones of our projects. Misti has been a great added resources as a birds-eye view and pulse check for feedback.

Jonathan Miller
Principal, Whitehead Industrial

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For over 15 years Mid-Continent Safety / DXP Enterprises has enjoyed a partnership with Spinstak. Spinstak’s dedication to keeping current in eCommerce platforms is evident in the professional products they produce, their creative approach and the ongoing support they provide to ensure success. Ultimately they have created the online tools so we can be successful and profitable.

Monette Lachman

Marketing Director, DXP Enterprises, Inc.

Demand Safety has really benefited from partnering with Spinstak. Our signage business has grown 500% due to the increase in web sales. Adding product lines and additional products couldn’t be easier. Changing website banners for seasonal sales has been a breeze. Problems brought up are solved quickly and efficiently. It has been a great combination to grow our sales.

Don Mossman

President, Demand Safety

The biggest win from Spinstak is how actively the company works to provide us with flexible B2B and marketing solutions to better service our customers. Spinstak’s team is knowledgeable and relevant — always focused on our business’ success.

Chris Tan

eCommerce Manager, Martin Supply